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Από την Ιδέα στην Υλοποιήση

Was commissioned to modify entirely the back and make adjustments to the vehicle as a whole, in order for it to be able to withstand and accommodate all the necessary cinematic equipment and personnel needed for the actualization of kinetic visual effects while filming a scene.

Hence, the concept of a fully buildable Superstructure, with a Main platform mounted on the vehicle chassis and Peripheral platforms easily attached to the main platform at 2 different height levels, was introduced.

The peripheral platforms have been designed with a cost effective, low tare weight, easy to assemble and disassemble mindset.
This is why most of the Superstructure’s parts are fastened with screws.

High strength special Plywood and formed Aluminium (damier) were used to achieve anti-slip floors with the most lightweight result.

Kubota Grabber Render proposing a design that ensures an improved ability to grab and retain load by 20% compared to the grabbers on the market.

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