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Self-supporting Mortar Transport Silo.

Assignment: Dionysos Marbles 

Ability to lift the first axles with self-made system. 

Special mounting base of the air compressor for the agitation system, to avoid unwanted stressful vibrations during the movement of the body especially on uneven ground. 

Tipper boxcar attached to a MAN truck frame.

Model: MN415043/8X4/4

Power: 500HP
Curb weight: 3000-3150 kg.
Capacity: 16m^3

Lifting capacity:  50tn.

Construction material: SSAB-HARDOX-450

Specialized Forklift
Special Lifting Arm

Light weight but strong arm for lifting and loading and unloading closed containers.

Ability to carry and lift a payload of up to7.5 tn.

Original barrel tie-down mount, designed to absorb road shock and keep the barrel level independent of axle movement. 

Special anti-vibration barrel mounting base.